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Flying boat wreck Tour


 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Insightful, and moving. I will never forget standing among the wrecks in Roebuck Bay and reliving the tragedy and bravery of that fateful day in 1942. Thank you Wil. Your easygoing warmth, storytelling ability, combined with local and historical knowledge must surely make this tour a must do event for anyone visiting Broome. Juliet Wills - Author - The Diamond Dakota Mystery


Guided tours to Roebuck Bay's  flying boat wrecks of ww2.

On March 3rd 2017,  the 75th anniversary of the Japanese air raid on Broom, B.H.W.T, in conjunction with the shire of Broome, led 2 dawn tours to the flying boat wrecks of Roebuck bay. Sixty people joined the tour on that first morning...

As a result of the success of those tours, we are running guided tours to a select few of these plane wrecks on select spring tides during the dry season.

The story behind the first Japanese air attack on Broome is a little known page in Australias history. An event that changed the face of Broome for ever and plunged Western Australia into World War 2...

 Fifteen flying boats, namely Catalina, Dornier and Short Empire planes were destroyed on that morning, taking 100 souls with them.

Most of these planes now lie in deeper water, but on a spring tide low, several wrecks can be reached by foot, the journey and experience is a life changer and well worth the effort.

On the tour you will learn the story of Broome and its involvement leading up to the raid. Hear accounts from air crews and statements from witnesses from the exact planes we visit about the events that unfolded on that morning...


A reasonable level of fitness is required for this tour. It is an approx 2 kilometre round trip.

light refreshments provided at tours end.

Dive boots walking attire is provided.

Shorts, sunblock and light clothing is recomended


Tour price

$55.00 per head

$45.00 16 and under

Family discounts available. POA

Protocol around the Plane Wrecks...

 The plane wrecks of Roebuck Bay are a West Australian Heritage listed war grave. It is asked that all visitors to these sites remember this and approach the areas with respect.

Please refrain from  climbing on or touching the planes or retrieving any artefacts that may be present.

Right: Dornier Flying Boats landing on Roebuck bay, Feb 1942.


Behind: One of those planes, Dornier X~23, 75 years later...


                                                                                                       pic by Shayne Thompson

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